Fresh Magazine Blogger Template

Notch Is a Two Column Blogger Template with a Left Sidebar.The Template Colors Are mainly black, green and white.A fresh look template with a magazine design great for all blogs.

The Templates Features Include :
  • Drop down navigation menu.
  • Split header with blog title on left and search bar on the right.
  • Featured posts slider or image slideshow.
  • Multi tabbed section and social icons in the sidebar.
  • Fixed read more with thumbnails on the home page.

You can download This Magazine Blogger Template for Free from BestBloggerTemplates.Net.

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Tapio said... July 11, 2012 at 5:56 PM

While this template looks great and I feel that it would fit my future blog renovation project nicely, I have a couple of questions based on the tests I did today.

- The template does not co-operate with the template designer of Blogger. I tried changing the Blog title and description colors, but failed. Where these should be set and how?
- Is there any way to force paragraph end for an individual blog post in the front page? The Fixed Read More element is great, but it breaks the text sometimes in awkward places and overrides the paragraph (P) elements. I would like to control that - like show only the first chapter in the front page. The only way I found was adding "More"-element in HTML-designer. But that adds another "read more" element to front page.

thanks for a great site. You have good stuff here :-)

best regards

Tapio said... July 15, 2012 at 5:41 PM

The Lightbox does not work with this template. The Z-index of the menus is too high and they appear on top of the lightbox photos. I am in the process of finding proper values for them and let you know, if I find a solution for this.

Tapio said... July 17, 2012 at 5:37 AM


I have now "fixed" the problem. I changed the Z-Index for the three elements below to "z-index:0"

.menus li:hover ul,.menus li.sfHover ul

I tested the result and it seems to work as expected. Lightbox is now on top of the menus. I tried with Chrome, Rockmelt and Opera. The question is, if these changes might cause some unexpected behaviour is some scenarios with some browser versions etc?

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