template galleryMore and more blogs are being created offering Blogger templates and this is great.However some of these blogs are using underhand tactics and not giving credit were it's due.Before we started our template gallery we wanted to everything possible to give the guys doing the work the credit they deserve and this is our formula.

The Spice up your blog template gallery is an extension of Spice Up Your Blog (SUYB).On SUYB we provide tips and tricks not only on Blogger design and gadgets but everything connected with Blogging.Every few months we publish a post listing blogger templates, as readers of the blog had built a trust and listened to our reviews these posts became very popular.Any template we linked to gained a lot of traffic from SUYB.This has lead to the creation of the Template Gallery that will help designers of templates and of course help SUYB grow and share more templates.

At SUYB we love templates, love the choice, love the styles but most of all we respect the people that design blogger templates.For that reason the links to download templates from the posts on SUYB always lead to the designers blog page not directly to the download.This gave the designer a back link and traffic, on the SUYB template gallery we will keep the same format.

The demo link

The demo link will be to the designers demo page and as giving a back link to a demo does nothing to help the designer this link will be nofollow.

The Download Link

The Download link will be to your download or the site you host the file on.The download link will be nofollow.

The Designer Link

The designer link will be to the designers blog and will be a dofollow link.The link will lead to the specific post that contains the template in question.

Finding The Right Links

When it comes to posting templates on our gallery we do everything possible to make sure we are giving credit were it's due.Unfortunately as most templates get shared by other blogs who include their link in the footer / credits it can sometimes be hard to find exactly who designer the template.

If you see a template you designed giving credit elsewhere make sure to contact us so it can be changed.If you have information on any template you think we should know about get in touch.

Recommend / Submit a template

If you have a template you think should be listed in the SUYB template gallery let us know - The more the merrier.

We want to help promote Blogger templates and their designers, we don't change any templates or try to gain credit for others work.

It's Win All Around

We get to create a Sub-Domain based blog for our current audience and to attract new readers.
Template designers and template blogs get traffic from us and back links.

Paul Crowe

Chief Author - Spice Up Your Blog


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